Glass Half-FullAmidst the now too common pressure of deadlines, stress of uncertainty, and gripping change that we experience in our work worlds—it’s important to recognize how  our “glass” of life is full or filling.

  • Am I in good Health?
  • Do I have close Family and Friends?
  • Is my Work interesting? Are my Results compelling?
  • Do I have marketable Skills and Abilities?
  • Do I work with committed Colleagues?
  • Am I Financially sound?

Whatever the deficit you could focus on, look at the “fullness” of your glass. Is it half-full? Three-quarters-full? Or, more?

In challenging times, our task is to keep our focus what’s working at the same time as we solve for our future success. In this week of giving thanks in the U.S. with a backdrop of crisis in the world, take some time to consider the fullness of your work and life.