EmailOK, here’s the deal. I am officially on vacation. And, I have 11 (count them) messages hanging in my inbox. How did I do it?

One day in a fit of efficiency (also known as random execution), I inadvertently deleted about 150 emails in my inbox. You might say “Holy cow!” What calamity might occur? I was sweating bullets for a day or two.

I am either totally not that important, or there is a major opportunity for you. I have only had one person for whom I screwed up as a result of the deletion (Sorry Mark).

The most fascinating aspect is how happy I feel when I look at an inbox of 11 -20. Hey, let’s get it down to 10 today…. Yikes, it’s back up to 52…then, culling, culling….

The lesson is: Very few of those emails you are  harboring are worth much. Just get your inbox clear, see what and who pops back up…and luxuriate in the low teens of inbox messages.