I am a new-ish golfer. This summer, I decided to really work on my game. I’ve taken lessons. I’ve gone to the practice range. I have made progress; but still have days like yesterday when I want to throw my club on the ground and stomp off the course.

What’s particularly frustrating is a week like this one. On the heels of a very good lesson with Tony, I was psyched to get out on the course. I went the range and practiced all his instructions. Keep you head down. Slow swing back; let the swing do the work coming down into the ball. Twist your torso; don’t pull back. Each direction is simple; together they are not so easy.

On the practice range, I was “crack, crack, cracking the ball.” So, what happened when I got out on the course? That’s probably another post on how our mental game trumps our physical game.

Enough of golf. What I began thinking of is my deep respect for each of my clients who are open to changing their “play,” working on their “game,” and finding similar challenges in smoothly integrating new ways of thinking and behaving into their mechanics. I imagine that it seems a lot easier when we pull apart a situation and make a plan than the next time they are at “play” with all the swirl of the work world around them.

So, I start this morning quite humble in my own game and respectful of yours.