CentennialI am watching a massive mini-series (26 hours) during my workouts. It’s called Centennial and is based on the novel by James Michener, set in Colorado in the late 1870s to 1970. I have been struck by the wisdom in the writing. Last week, Robert Conrad who plays a French Canadian trapper met a hostile group of Pawnee indians. There was a back and forth “you will do this…” when they hit a stalemate and the Pawnee chief basically challenges Conrad’s wisdom of standing his ground to which Conrad says:

“I come to you unafraid.”

And, the chief looked him in the eye and adjusted his own stand. You could feel the confidence (and lack of fear) in both men.

It was a powerful moment, and it made me think and start noticing where I move forward with fear as a background emotion. I have been around long enough that I’m not really fully fearing in much my business life. Or, maybe I can simply choose what and with whom I interact. But, even though not fully fearful, I know I have a shade of fear in some important and challenging situations.

I’m paying attention now and anticipating when and where I can transform that residual fear into emotions like curiosity, courage, and confidence. And where I can’t, I can identify and accommodate or appreciate the counter-productive emotional state…and the recognition that other people can probably “feel” my fear.