I can remember my mother saying, “Close your book and get outside for some fresh air.” In elementary school, I read a lot in the car, wedged between my two motion-sick brothers, as we traveled on weekend excursions and vacations. I also read in bed, taking advantage of a seriously early bedtime all the way through high school.

I think as a young person, reading allowed me to escape into different lives and learn beyond my smaller world. As an adult, I now read mostly non-fiction, and reading has become a trusted source of deep thinking.

I read for the first hour of nearly every day. I read on trains and planes. I read in the car when I arrive early somewhere.

I have always loved to read.

When I hear that people “just don’t read anymore,” that they want soundbites and expect video—I get it. Time is precious and demands are many. I think I had a long spell when my son was young when I wished for more reading time. As I write, I am mostly very conscious to think about scan-ability and brevity. But, I sometimes wonder if I leave too much unsaid or unclear when I do.

I am grateful that you read my words.

I encourage you to dive into a book this holiday that intrigues you or entertains you, especially a book that lifts you out of your world or makes you think.