Half-full or half-emptyHonestly, when I stop to think, I imagined my self to be much further along in life by now…

  • In my financial resources.
  • In parenting.
  • In my contribution to clients.
  • As a prominent expert.
  • As a world citizen.

This month, I’ve been recreating my  career-life timeline. Actually,  I  continuously think about my life and business. But now,  I am downsizing my house as my son graduates from high school, planning the first move for me in 21 years, and working my business ups and downs.

As I take a look, I am not displeased. In fact, I am proud of where I am in my life. But, I always thought I’d be much further by now.

It’s so easy to see what part of the glass is not full.

My renewing vision has  many more opportunities in my life than my work.

  1.  I want to have much more fun. I have been working so hard for so many years. I can’t wait until the work slows down (but not quite yet), so I’ve made a commitment to myself to have more fun.
  2. I have lot of business creativity, but little in my home life. My new niece-in-law asked me last weekend, “what are your hobbies” (gulp) I stammered a bit and finally said things like “I read a lot” and “Oh, yeah, I like to surf cast” and “I used to paint.”  And since then thought “Heck, why didn’t I tell her that I play golf?!”
  3. In my defense, I have been very focused on raising my son. Teens are not always easy. And, I’m not resentful, it’s my most important job. I am not done yet. But, I’m ready to let go more than a little.
  4. Oh, and I have determined that I could retire in five years if I wanted to pack it in, but I love my work.  I’m reshaping the light as it casts into the tunnel (not just whether there is a light at the end of the tunnel).

But, this isn’t where I thought I’d be. Dreams of Good Morning America, a best-selling book, and a house in the South of France…all now unlikely in my future. I’m not sad because those are replaced with three grandchildren (so far) and the parents who make grandparenthood lovely, a talented-loving son, husband extraordinaire, and all of you–the people who make my work-life meaningful. Pretty amazing.

The bottom line here is that I want at least equal parts of fun and work in my glass. But what is fun has changed over the years.  It’s much more about the people, less about the activities than in earlier years. So, the thinking has to be new.

Lastly, my lifeline forward is so much shorter it’s shocking, but also empowering to make the most of the times ahead.

Two questions for you this week:

  1. Where are you on your Career-Life timeline?
  2. Where is your glass now? Empty? Half-full? Full? And, what would a full glass look like?

How are you thinking about this?