Have your New Year’s resolutions already faded? Have you recently been reminded of a “way you are” that works against you? Why don’t we keep our promises to ourselves and really work on the big pay-offs in our own development? The answer rests in a combination of “lacks” or missing pieces: clarity, insight, commitment, tolerance, and honor of the re-wiring that is required for success. We aren’t clear on what happens and how we are thinking and feeling that sets the groundwork for the play. We often treat our intentions as trivial declarations without recognizing and digging around the wiring in place over the last 20 or 30 plus years. We don’t step back from the picture and develop insights that will inform or motivate our actions. So, question your true intent and the impact of really changing before rushing to declare an intention. Carve out one that is important enough to really delve into and:

  1. Map out what happens now (in a process flowchart).
  2. Create a new picture-make it up!
  3. Reflect on what “wiring” gets in your way.

And begin the process of unraveling the wiring and then re-wiring for what you most desire.

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