School Books with AppleBack-to-school days. Unlike my son, I was always eager to go back to school. To get the new books and peruse them. If the teacher was good, I was in heaven. And, I worked hard to get every A.

As part of my business planning, I have decided to take a deep dive into one of my strengths as a coach. I am deepening my understanding of people. I have asked my husband-psychologist to design a curriculum for me. He agreed even though he hung up his professor days seven years ago. Brave man to take on the challenge of teacher-spouse.

I’m not even sure exactly what I most want to learn. But, that’s OK too. I’m just going to start, let him guide me, and see what path unfolds. When he asked, “Why do you want to study a field in which you are already very good?” I was very quick to say “Because I want to go deeper. Because I love the work.”

So, my questions for you this week are: What do you want to learn this year that would add tremendous value to your work? What would thrill you just for the learning itself?

Don’t think about school. Think about learning.