Are you in the craze–just trying to get all the “stuff done” before the holidays or year-end close–yet, you still have important things to accomplish? As I observed myself rushing around this morning, picking up items and mentally planning the complex path to getting it all “right”, I stopped in my tracks. What am I doing? More importantly, how am I being? Not good, not good at all. I sat for a minute and coached myself, “what do you want here, now?” I took a breath, a long and deep one; and, I found myself shaking my head. What I am making so important ISN’T and what I’m not doing IS. Re-start your day, hour, minute and ask yourself “what is most important for me right now; and, how do I want to think and feel so that I can have what I want.” And, carry that into your driving, last-minute shopping, and each conversation with a family member over the holidays. As we move into 2010, we’ll be focusing more specifically about getting clear about what you want in your work or job search and your life.

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