If you have ever worked your career plan with me, you would remember drawing your Career-Life Timeline. From birth to death.It’s an amazing experience to “get above” your timeline to reflect on the past and imagine the future.

Last week, in some conversations, we started talking about “in my 30s, I…” or “now in my 40s, I should be…” And, it made me think about some decade distinctions in my own career (and maybe yours).

In my 20s, I was “drinking from a firehose,” learning as much as I could from as many people as I could. I made a handful of moves inside and across companies. I worked early mornings, evenings, and weekends, because I loved the work.

In my 30s, I created more career focus, building a coaching culture in the firm and honing my coaching approach and skills. I had defined my “calling.”

In my 40s, I was loving my work, everyday. Actually, I always loved work, but in my 40s I knew it was my work and developed a very strong identity.

In my 50s, I am still working hard, but I’m reaping the benefits of the last thirty years. Clients often appreciate my “wisdom,” which is nice.

In my 60s, I imagine a time to gradually slow down, doing the work I want and resetting my balance of work with life.

In my 70s, I am going to be doing whatever I want. Yes, no restrictions, no demands. Maybe some work, but whether work or play, I will be in charge.

And beyond that, who knows. I hope I continue to be happy and have people around me for whom I care and they care for me. Take a look at my decades and where you are on your timeline. Are you working and living how you want to right now?