Last week, I had a typical scheduled casual “check-in” with a client who is in a new big job. The job she took a year ago turned out to have some big challenges in the organization and at the same time it had a lot of personal costs to her family—hence, lots of stress.

In this type of check-in, I usually focus on what’s happening and how I can offer some help.

However, right from the start she launched into her breakthrough.

“Mary, I got down to the very bottom of the barrel. Nothing was going the way I wanted. And somehow I managed to change my attitude. I decided to focus on what I could do—to become a magnet to people who needed my leadership—to see how much change I can make in the culture. And interesting, people are responding to me. Nothing has changed except that I stopped worrying about myself.”

Now that particular day, I was having a particularly stressful one with lots of self-doubt. I found myself “lifted” by her words and saw how they applied to me. As a result, I have been looking at my own attitude as I reach for a new part of my future.

Thank you, dear client, for your wisdom.