Birthday balloonsMonday Morning and today is my birthday!

When I was growing up, my parents (especially my mother) made our birthday a very special day. We probably received one present, but we could ask for our desired cake (homemade) and dinner menu and either a small party or outing. Since my birthday was so close to Christmas, we often skipped the party and took a friend to the Nutcracker or the movies.

When young, birthdays are about getting older.Yippee!

After 40 (the remaining milestones are less yippee), I’ve found birthdays as a nice reminder of marking another personal year. Family members still make it special. But, my birthday is so close to the beginning of the calendar year and New Year’s, marking my year has been a casual thought jammed into the final holiday planning.

The fact that my birthday is a Monday (Morning) has sparked a new idea to use my real birthday as a day of reflection on my whole self. Have I used this last year well? Of what, in particular, am I proud? If I could create my personal year ahead, what would I envision? A birthday seems such a good time to take stock.

How do you mark your personal-life time? Do you take a special day to think about you? If not, why not?