Turn Your Job Search ON! is a four-month online program with the intention to bring a completely new way of thinking about your job search and career. For four monthly payment of $69, you will receive:

1. Access to an Online Forum with conference materials, podcast library, and online chat.

2. Bi-weekly web-conference, with audio recording on the Forum.

3. Weekly Open Calls for coaching with Mary Mavis.

We start in Mid-January and complete at the end of April. Our curriculum is outlined below.


How to Think about Your Job Search

We’ll kick off the work by diving into a very different way of thinking about your job search. Set aside the belief that you have to know what job or title you are seeking. What really matters is getting clear about what you do know, by seeking to clarify what your talents are and what you are looking for in a job. This work is all about getting you what you want–in your next job and in your life!

Being Clear and Compelling in Your Talent and Interests

We are each unique and talented; we have specific interests. However, we often find it hard to either pinpoint what those are or “toot our own horn.”  This conference focuses on your getting clear about what you offer any employer–the best of you!


Crafting Search Alternatives

We’re gong to get The Drawing Board out in this conference and generate multiple potential futures for yourself. You’ll map your talent against those alternative futures and “tell the story” of what you want and why you should create it. If you’ve been disheartened by lots of cautions and advice to limit your expectations, you’ll be asked to set that aside to envision a great future.

Being in Command of the Interview

There is power in having a picture of each interview and a specific intended outcome. We’re going to break out of the “here are the 12 questions you need to be able to answer” and get you ready to make an impression and interview-the-interviewer. At the same time, we’ll help you with how to think about your compensation needs and company packages.


Building and Using Your Network

You may be quite adept at social media, but feel awkward about the Face-to-Face networking or conversations that count in your job search. You’ll learn in this web-conference how to extend your current network and how to make sure you get the value that is already there.

Creating Remarkable Results (Big and Small)

If you haven’t already experience some remarkable result in this program, we will accelerate your ability to develop a clear intention and bring it into existence. On what? Each conversation, interview, meeting, etc.


Money, Money, Money

And, making the most of it now! We’ll welcome a money expert and recruiter to talk with us about what you should or should not be doing regarding personal investments, budgeting, and other elements of personal finance. We’ll take a deeper look at all the components of company rewards. Get your questions ready!

Preparing for a Great Start

Is the job done when you get you job? Unfortunately you will only be at a new beginning. And, all the work we’ve done so far will be helpful. We’ll turn our lens on prior sessions along with some new content to get you prepared to start that job with confidence and courage.

Download the Program Basics (PDF), the Curriculum (PDF), or check the web conference schedule.