Swirling mindIt’s summer. Are you on a mental break?

I had my vacation in early July, so I’m back into full swing work. And, this last week I started to get a little crazy with myself.

  1. Why weren’t things happening as fast as I planned?
  2. Why do I put so much on my plate?

The people I’ve been talking with (since they aren’t on break or their team’s work doesn’t allow one), seem to be feeling a little crazy too. Maybe our world of work creates “crazy.”

What to do? You might notice that this is the second week in row with a similar topic. After not completely following my own wisdom, I decided I needed to just be a little kinder to myself.

What about teams? Well, I was talking with a very good team leader whose tactic for easing the team’s stress was to find ways to be kind to people in the face of continuous pressure. Sometimes you can’t take the pressure out of the picture, but you can find ways to let a little steam off.

How could you be kinder to yourself, your team, or your boss
in a helpful, authentic way?

P.S. I am perfectly fine, no worries. Sometimes when I make a post like this, readers reach out wondering if I’m OK. I am. Just looking forward to a little self-kindness this week.