What is the current demand on your leadership? In our work with leaders five themes are prominent:

  1. Stepping up to meet the expectations of a new, changing, or future role—or a changing external reality.
  2. Delegating the right work and decisions to the right people—and then holding them accountable.
  3. Adapting influencing strategies into your confident, directive style.
  4. Building a personal strategic platform for your career or for key members of your team.
  5. Recovering from a problematic start in a new job or role.

Not your concern? Talk to us about the aspect of your leadership most critical to creating remarkable results in your role.

A Good Match For You If—

  • You have a big job or see a very big opportunity—Even if your initial aim is to develop or enhance a skill or ability, our experience shows that your work will be most meaningful when tied to key results underway—it stimulates your learning and brings the most rewarding and recognized success.
  • You have been highly successful—You’re not used to getting help from the “outside” or maybe you are “hard-to-help.” Our best work has always been with smart, motivated leaders, whether 25 or 65 years old, entrepreneur, executive, or an emerging talent in their company or field of work.
  • You have a new challenge—Successful people often seek or are handed new and challenging situations. With the speed and complexity of the world today, you may need to jump-start those new demands with a thinking partner.
  • You are ready to attack an old vulnerability—That’s our word for “weakness.” We believe that you are unlikely to focus and sustain work on gaps in your skills unless you are vulnerable to either failure or a lack of readiness for the next opportunity.
  • You have received compelling feedback—Whether from your boss, board, or customers, some tough feedback has compelled you to act. That feedback may not feel comfortable or clear, but it is important because of the person delivering the message or the link to getting what you want.

How We Work With You

It’s pretty simple in concept. There are five underlying principles to any engagement:

  1. Confidentiality—A firewall to provide you the privacy to really dig into the work.
  2. Tailored and Flexible—Because all people and situations are not the same.
  3. Data-based—Starting with your data, we build an understanding of your current state from the right sources.
  4. Creation-Focused—Setting your sights on exactly what you want to make happen.
  5. Commitment to Results—Learned and demonstrated capability is the baseline; we are all about making an impact on your results.

Our work is focused on collaborating with you to unravel your current state and build a vision for the future. We think about the entire process as one of re-habiting or re-wiring (or at least loosening some wires) some leadership capability.

The process follows our approach to Creating Remarkable Results. Check out the video clip at the top right corner of this page to learn more.