I have been taking a deep dive into the teaching of Buddha. One of the books I am reading is the Dalai Lama’s How to Practice, The Way to a Meaningful Life.

In this world of pressure, frustration, anger, and more, I thought I’d share with you the over-arching concept that I’ve been pondering and two ways to practice. Buddhism teaches—

“All beings are united by the desire to gain happiness and avoid suffering.”

Contemplate and notice whether and how this is true for you and the people around you at work. It seems simple, yet true to me.

This week, I am taking two ways of practicing into my interactions with myself and others.

  1. Refraining from Harm: I don’t consider myself an overtly harmful person. However, I am certain that I can pay attention to how I think about others and speak about and to others. I include my attention to my own self-talk in this practice.
  2. Extending Help: I am a helper by nature and profession. My question here is, “How many small helping actions can I take in one day to extend myself to others?”

I am curious this week to see what will occur if I pay attention and act on opportunities that present themselves in my normal path of living and working. Of course, this focus does not negate striving for goals; I have a busy and important week ahead.  It’s more about how I might be more human in the process of achieving.