When complexity overtakes you, and you find yourself overwhelmed, why is it so hard to “let go” of a commitment or “say no” to the next request?

Photo by Horia Varian

As you may imagine, my world is feeling a bit complex right now. I have a very nice set of client engagements that are keeping me busy. I have three interview series that I have launched, one within a big initiative to send girls to school. I have an intent to refine a set of five learning modules for my coaching and talent development work. Oh yea, I have a teenage son, a husband, dog and house that I am selling. Saturday, my neighbor begged me to re-start a past initiative to help college graduates get clear about their career and job search. And the list goes on.

So, as I wrestle with this unwieldy set of commitments, I swing back and forth from resolve to simplify and reluctance to de-commit. Here are my top five reflections on why it’s hard for me:

  1. I feel real passion for the work—it makes a difference.
  2. I have made a public commitment.
  3. People I trust and value say “we need you.”
  4. A second look at the plan allows me to see a path—if I just worked a little more efficiently or harder.
  5. I’m already way down the path and don’t want to waste my effort.

What about you?

I’m still working it through. But, you’ll be proud of me. I did tell my neighbor that I cannot take on another initiative even if it is important and I’m perfectly suited for it.

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