I, like most of us, find myself running at a fast pace most days. And while on the run this week, I have been highly aware of a small voice inside that can be a pretty good guide for my “right” action. When I attempt to assign it a body part, I have to say it’s my “gut” speaking to me. Have you been listening to your gut lately?

My work on intentional creation of results pulls me to slow down and listen…to my “gut”–my internal guidance. It’s the super-synthesizer, ghost-observer, knowing part of me. It helps me zip-my-lip when I am about to say a “dangerous” thing. It encourages me to be bold and challenge key issues. Well, that’s if I am listening.

But, doesn’t our brain do all of that? Not really. Now, I’m not saying our brains don’t help us make good, solid decisions. But, our gut takes into consideration our personal intent and a far ranging set of data. When it tells us to move on our brain’s logic, we can often do so with far more assurance and commitment. Occasionally, when our gut is screaming at our brain, we have to first stop and pay attention. It happened yesterday when I managed to walk past a Dunkin Donuts in Penn Station with my brain saying “stop for a donut!” and my gut screaming “no, don’t do it.” I could tell the difference in the voice right away…and kept walking.

It takes practice and attention to listen to your gut. But it’s worth it.
Listen today!

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