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I’m not a big fan of Valentine’s Day (it is next week if you forgot), but I do like sweetheart candies and remember reading the messages and giving them to my friends when I was a little girl.

What struck me over the weekend was the very little loving I do of myself. In fact, I am really good at criticizing myself, expecting more of myself, and pushing myself. I am not in the habit of stopping in the middle of the day and saying, “gee, I am really loving me today.” I say that to other people in my life, not to myself. I guess on the extreme that would be weird, so that’s not what I’m talking about.

What am I talking about? Well, think right now about someone you love deeply–even your dog would be a great start. Put him or her in your mind and “feel” the feeling of love. Now, try to send that same love energy to yourself without needing to have something special to love yourself for. Just experience the love. Or, if you are really courageous, look in the mirror tomorrow morning, really look, and send that love to your image. Forget the usual focus on grey hair, puffy eyes, and other imperfections.

Once full of self-love, notice how you view the world, your colleagues, the waiters or lunch truck folks, your neighbor—and the work ahead of you today. What is the difference when you feel full of self-love?

I find myself smiling more, slowing down, and much more centered in my day. What happens for you?

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