I have a client who makes people feel important. How do I know? She makes me feel important each time I talk with her. I was thinking about it recently because of my own reaction–extreme commitment to her and to her results. Not a bad reward for her, especially since it doesn’t seem she works at it.

What does she do that makes me feel important?

  1. She listens to me when I talk. Really listens, without interrupting me.
  2. When I arrive, at her office or on the phone, she welcomes me. She looks directly at me, smiles, and greets me. (Trust me, I can see it over the phone.)
  3. She asks questions with interest in a matter-of-fact way.
  4. She states what she thinks and sees in a neutral way.
  5. And, I think she looks for the best in people.

Do you know people like this? I’m using this week to further embed these characteristics into my own practice with people. I think I’ll start with my teenage son. He’s important to me. Do I make sure he experiences that?

Then, on to the rest of you!

What strikes you about people who make you feel important?