I’ve been re-reading some of the old books about creating results and reflecting on just how long people have been saying the same things about creating exactly what you want. The picture this week is my model for creation.

Do you remember Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich? If you want to re-think or read for the first time, you can purchase it for $0.99 electronically! In 1938, Mr Hill wrote the book with the subtitle “Teaching for the first time, the famous Andrew Carnegie formula for money-making, based upon the THIRTEEN PROVEN STEPS TO RICHES.”  Hill uses caps profusely in the text, so note the CAPS from Mr. Hill’s system below.

Of course, I had some interesting observations on the contents:

  1. It’s all about money in this book–but, the principles apply to all results.
  2. It’s all about men–only one mention of a woman’s idea and success track–not anymore in the current work world.
  3. The concepts are exactly those I have been teaching (so much for having a new perspective).

Here’s the Hill-Mavis shared view on what you need to create exactly what you want.

  1. Everything starts with an IDEA.
  2. A clear picture of your target, a DEFINITE PURPOSE.
  3. An emotional connection, a real DESIRE or BURNING OBSESSION for the result.
  4. Expectation and FAITH that you will be successful.
  5. Co-creators or a MASTER-MIND group, because nothing remarkable can be accomplished alone.
  6. A PLAN and the ability to stay focused and curious on the journey.

Mr. Hill also talks about failure being a natural part of creating something remarkable. When you have the above aspects in place, any failure can be used to learn, modify your plan, and re-invigorate your desire.

This week, choose one result for which you are frustrated or anxious about and consider which of these elements is missing from your doing or mindset. What strikes you about this 1938 approach? How does it reflect how you think and act? What new idea does it produce?

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