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Good morning! Today I am writing to you as a newlywed. As most newlyweds, I can’t seem to think of anything else to write about. So, bear with me as I share about my wedding and how we “created” such a remarkable day.

This past Saturday, I married an absolutely wonderful man, whom I adore. We have known each other for five years and have already created a life together. We didn’t have to get married. Therefore, we started our conversations with the “why?” question.  The answer: We wanted to create a formality to the commitment we already had to each other and to our collective children and grandchildren.

As a second marriage for each of us, we probably had a little more freedom to consider what we really wanted in a wedding. We thought about what we wanted and what we didn’t want (fundamental to creating a remarkable result). We wanted a small gathering of our children and grandchildren as witnesses. We didn’t want a lot of attention on a big event. We wanted simple.  We didn’t want any person to officiate (lucky for us, in Pennsylvania we could do without that aspect).

So, we married ourselves with seven in attendance on our back porch. Yes, I had a beautiful dress, a two-tiered cake, a bridal bouquet and boutonnieres for everyone, a fifteen-year-old photographer, a flower-girl with an “up-do,” and a bubble-boy who blew bubbles throughout the service. We shared about our love, commitment and joy—acknowledging the new relationships in our family. And, they shared that sentiment right back.

I have to admit that the day was perfect. And, there were happy surprises like a bride and groom figurine on the cake, our dog Mollie bearing a light up ring, and sparklers all around. It was lovely and perfect—exactly what I wanted and more!

Thank you for the indulgence today. I look forward to hearing about your creations—both business and personal.

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