Welcome to this resource page created to support imbedding the learning from our meeting on June 25-26, 2014. On this page, you will find documents that will supplement or extend the learning areas we initiated in our meeting.

  • MSD Leadership Roadmap
  • Leadership Profile
  • People Are Funny
  • Real Influence
  • Conversations for Impact

You can download any documents, read online, and return to this page at anytime.

MSD Leadership Roadmap

We worked on a Phase 3 timeline depicting the outcomes and decisions. The pictures documented can be used in planning and problem-solving and show for each part of the timeline:

  1. The critical outcomes and decisions.
  2. The decision accountability matrix.
  3. The stakeholder map.

As more refined versions are prepared, we can update this page.

MSD Leadership Roadmap Output

MSD Roadmap Insights and Expertise

Vision Handout also in your book under tools.

Decision, Stakeholder Map, Role Accountability Frameworks

The frameworks for decision accountability, stakeholders, and role accountability were introduced. We did not use the role accountability framework, but have included both for you to download to use the templates.

Decision Handout also in your book.

Stakeholder Handout also in your book, plus see the Real Influence section below.

Role Handout also in your book

Leadership Profile

This framework is different from the profile we used for your background, etc. See 5 Questions tool under Real Influence below.

The Leadership Profile framework was created from reading many, many leadership books and working with many people in different organizations. The intention is for you to use the tool to stimulate your thinking about what distinguishes you as a leader and what you want to add to your reputation now and in the future. Download the tool Leadership Profile Template.

People Are Funny

People are Funny_IconPeople are Funny Reading A short written piece to lay out the concepts with examples.

My Relationship Profile: Use this tool to organize what you know about yourself.

Critical Relationship Profile-Blank: Use this tool to organize what you know about a key person.


Real Influence

Geers for InfluenceReal Influence Reading: A short written piece to lay out the concepts with examples.

5 Questions Worksheet: Layout what you know about multiple stakeholders to identify common threads and differences that will help you be more effective or influential.


Conversations for Impact

Conversations_IconThere are three distinct conversations that are critical for effectiveness with direct reports,  managers, and sometimes other key stakeholders.

Expectations: A short reading.

Feedback: A short reading

Coaching: A short reading

Expectations-Feedback E-Tool: A tool to lay out your information so that you can identify information gaps, opportunities for clarity and strategies for a conversation.