In the insanity leading up to vacation last week and on the one rainy day, I ended up doing some urgent work. Not surprising to you, I’m sure. But, I am really good in setting my boundaries and have far more control as an independent professional than you probably do.

I’m bringing this up because my experience had a strong thread of satisfaction in it. At one point when I signed off from an unexpected call with a fabulous leader amidst huge, swirling change, I thought “These are my people.” These are the people for whom my practice exists. I am clear that it’s not about owning you. I love serving you.

The next day, three of my family arrived to spend the weekend and I thought “these are my people.” My Sunday night call to my father and catch up with my brother Joe were enriched by this concept. Family and friends are not an obligation, my interaction is a choice and an opportunity.

I am happy in my work and life with my people. The ebb and flow of people and service is fine.

My point here is not that you should feel the same about your people or work or life priorities. The important point is the gut recognition of what’s important to me.