Sun Rising on 2013

Have you set your goals for 2013? Maybe you have a draft version. Or, maybe your organization goal-setting is underway.In whatever state of completion, I suspect you haven’t identified 3 Words to guide your work-life this year.

I’m taking a process directly from Chris Brogan, an entrepreneur-writer I follow. You can see his three words in the link, very different from mine. The idea is to capture your intent with three words, those words guiding your thinking and action toward your concrete goals.

I cheated a bit in selecting my words. Or, you might say that I zoomed in on three words I have already studied in Eckhart Tolle’s book A New Earth. They seemed perfect for all my personal and work objectives. I will use these three words to keep myself in the right mindset to accomplish my remarkable results.

  1. Acceptance: This year I am working on a way to be accepting of what I can’t change and what I must do (that I prefer not to experience or do).
  2. Enjoyment: I do enjoy my work. I have chosen and can choose my clients and work. This word is to remind me to infuse my enjoyment into the doing of that work, not to wait for the work to deliver enjoyment.
  3. Enthusiasm: I am a “purpose and goal” person. Tolle makes the distinction of enthusiasm as purposeful enjoyment. This year I will execute each assignment with enthusiasm—enthusiasm for my client’s results and for mine.

Think about your year ahead, both professionally and personally. Then, build a set of words and select three that can guide your thinking and action toward your goals. Check out Chris Brogan’s post above for some very different sets of words.

Let me know what your words are for 2013!