CornucopiaIn the U.S., Thanksgiving is a time of the year that we acknowledge our gratitude for the bounty of life. The original intention of Thanksgiving was to give thanks for the “blessing of the harvest and of the preceding year.” Many families find some time during this holiday for individuals to voice their own gratitude.

This Thanksgiving, I am very clear about five underlying aspects of gratitude for my “bounty of work-life.” These are not the specifics that manifest in the day, week, month or quarter of the year; rather, they form the context for my success. I’ve also been thinking of them in terms of a farm’s harvest. So here goes, I am deeply thankful for:

  1. The Environment:  Economic realities (even in hard times) that have fostered my productivity.
  2. The Seed That Germinates: The opportunities within organizations that call for my help.
  3. The Farmers: My clients who trust me and engage me in their work challenges and success.
  4. My Health: Not just physical, but my ability to do the work I love.
  5. The Crops Harvested: Each year is a new one for me; this one has been bountiful and rewarding.

Thank you for being part of my year.