Our Net-Works are led personally by Mary Mavis, a top adviser to business leaders and teams. Each group’s members provide an added richness to the dialogue. Are you interested in—

  1. An economical, high-impact development opportunity for you, your team, or your top talent?
  2. Virtual, multiple formats and times for access to content and 1-1 advice and coaching?
  3. A learning opportunity that is focused directly on your most challenging goals and opportunities?

Great Creators Net-Work

The Great Creators Net-Work is our cross-company flagship group.  Leaders, entrepreneurs, partners, as well as individual contributors participate in a monthly work-study group of high-achievers who are interested in an intellectually stimulating and results-focused forum. It’s all about Remarkable Results!Find out MORE.

We also design and facilitate in-organization Net-Works for geographically dispersed teams and groups. The Net-Work can be formed with one of two types of groups:

  1. A critical leadership, project, or product team, or
  2. A specific segment of your employee population (e.g., emerging talent, women in leadership, etc.)

The focus and of the work and the process are designed into the Net-Work in partnership with you.