Not only was Monday a holiday, but I’m actually on vacation this week.

Up until leaving for vacation on Sunday, I was working furiously. My brain was fried with keeping so many tasks in my mind as I cranked out the next one. Why does the week before vacation seem to be jammed more than usual? Occasionally, I realized that my usual work mode is a blessing. I have time to think. I am able to fit my life into my work and vice versa. So the experience of extreme “doing” was not only painful, but foreign to me.

And in a moment, I began pulling the thread through three teams I’ve been working with. Each team’s leader made a not so unusual remark to me “This time with you has been hard work…but, it’s good work to actually take the time out to think about our business and strategies.” One team took three half-days, and the others carved out a combination of a day and some virtual meeting time. Not a lot of time if you value getting clear about your goals and how to maneuver the stakeholder landscape.

My challenge to you is to carve out one hour this week. Take an hour away from your work to really think about something important. Now, you may have to carve a second preliminary set of time just to get in thinking mode–free of the mind-clutter. When you do so, remember that this can be an everyday, every week practice–depending on how many important things are on your agenda. More than a few, I’m sure!

Lastly, the Women2Women2Girls website is up and ready for registrations for our free tele-summit. Register and then pass this along to three or more women you think will be interested!