Leader and Team Engagements

Mary works with you or your team on creating a specific result or set of results. This high-impact work is focused on your role, team, or organization outcomes, shaping the environment for intense exploration and a sense of urgency—while driving toward truly remarkable results. Your focus may be:

  • A critical business outcome that requires strategically influencing a complex set of stakeholders—internal and/or outside the organization.
  • A new alliance relationship or market challenge that requires your team to function at a far higher level of intentional action.
  • The awareness that you want to raise-the-bar on your own leadership—and pull your leaders up at the same time.

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Advisory Intensives

Is traditional coaching or team development cost prohibitive, yet you need a targeted boost in effectiveness and productivity? Leadership and team advisory intensives are targeted to your specific needs and delivered virtually or in-person without a drain on your time or budget. They are intensive because they pack a lot of value into three sessions; they are advisory because they go beyond coaching, training or facilitation.

Topics fall in four categories: creating results, managing critical relationships, leading change, and developing people.

Invest in your top talent with a top executive coach in a low-cost, high-value series of three targeted sessions!

Virtual Work Groups

Participate in a monthly work-study group of high-achievers who are interested in an intellectually stimulating and results-focused forum. Specify the kind of remarkable result(s) you want to target. For example, you may wish to attack a critical and gnarly project goal, foster a key relationship—without which you will not be as successful or satisfied—create and/or execute a future career plan, and more.

Three different monthly plans provide varying levels of access to web-conferences, web-content, participant forums, and “office hours” with Mary.

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