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I’m going to pick up where I left off last week with the 4 questions, and share with you one of my remarkable results for 2012. Most importantly, this targeted result does and will keep me “on the edge of discomfort”–as all remarkable results do.

My remarkable result is to:

Create a global, online community of women who learn through the stories of other extraordinary women and together send 1000+ girls to school or camp in 2012.

Here’s how the result was developed in the context of the four questions:

  1. In what domain does your result lie? You may recall that I conducted a tele-summit with 11 women speakers in July. In the course of developing that program, the actual domain shifted from “creating an online presence” to “giving back and making a contribution to girls.” Along the way, I became so inspired by the need and the opportunity. Often in establishing or driving toward a result, we are are faced with opportunities and obstacles that change our course. Being open to allow those shifts is important.
  2. What focus do you want to pursue? I spent this fall digesting the summer experience, looking at the feedback from participants, imagining what this next year might look like. And, I landed squarely on two aspects of the focus–Stories and Girls. So, all of the speakers will share ideas, work, skills, etc. through their personal stories AND we will invest in the education (basic and leadership) of girls on this planet.
  3. What would it mean to me if I am successful? I would be so proud. At the same time, I would expand my global network in an unpredictable and interesting way. Lastly, I would feel I am really using my talent and energy in the world.
  4. Can I commit? Well, this question made the planning process quite a bit longer than I expected. How will I integrate this work into my everyday? Can I reach the numbers of women I will need to in order to “make my targeted numbers?” And, I got to the place my clients often arrive–I don’t know what it will take, but I can commit to the energy and work anticipated.

Even once committed, on a weekly basis I find myself on the edge of positive discomfort. Any remarkable results has a high degree of uncertainty and is exactly what you want to create. I get excited when I am in the planning work and speaking with people about those plans. Then unexpectedly, a fearful feeling washes over me. Who am I to think I can do this? What if I embarrass myself in this public way? Can I really do it–what if I fail? Why do I do this to myself?

Those questions are normal for any remarkable result. If it’s not challenging and meaningful and making you a bit vulnerable, the result may not be remarkable enough. Just take the next step forward.

So, what is it that you could grab onto this year and begin really thinking about what would be truly remarkable if indeed you could create it? Get excited about it and embrace the discomfort that comes along with it.