My step daughter sent me the link to this video with a “this is my world” message. She is a publisher and works completely virtually. I laughed throughout the video. It’s very short, so take a look now. If you can’t see the video, follow this link:

I was struck by the visual of people entering the room with each ring of the bell, looking at each other. Someone finding himself outside the room all of a sudden. The three questions I’m thinking about is:

  1. Do I behave as if I am in a room with real people?
  2. Is there a virtual way of “looking at” and acknowledging the other people that I could do a better job of anticipating and doing?
  3. Do I assert myself in the same way as if I am in the room?

Because…it’s a way of life now. Our effectiveness depends on being able to work with people virtually.

How is this your world? What are you doing to be most effective?