IMG_0173This weekend, my son Michael and I went to Indianapolis to spend the weekend with his grandfather, his  uncle, and his three first cousins. First cousins have always ruled in our family!

We had not seen the cousins for five years, even though Facebook and messaging kept us somewhat up to date. Michael and I anticipated the gathering to be at least a little awkward at first. Instead, we quickly found that everyone was still exactly who they have always been. They talk the same, walk the same, say the same silly things. Yes, two are in college and one graduated. Three have some form of beards, the other a beautiful young woman. But watching them walk ahead of us, I could easily transport myself to a hike in Tahoe many years ago with each one dashing ahead or skimming stones.

All weekend, we saw and enjoyed the best of each person. It was a delight to hear their stories.

The experience reminded me of a different slice of my People are Funny concept. One of my Five Questions is “What is foundational about this person?” These four cousins grew up knowing the best and worst of what is foundational about each other.

We can’t do that with our co-workers. But, we can observe each person through the lens of wonderment. Who is this person? What is the best of him or her? How can we bring the best of what we collectively offer together?

That’s my lens for the week. If you take the same lens, let me know what you see.