Brooklyn Academy of Music

We were in Brooklyn this weekend and went to the Brooklyn Academy of Music (BAM) to see La Traviata. The opera was wonderful. The music, the voices, and even our fairly last-minute seats in the last row of the balcony were fabulous. The only negative experiences were with some of the patrons.

Quick context for this post: I am getting ready to launch a series of interviews with Dr. Herbert Rappaport to go a lot deeper into how we deal with the different and difficult people in our lives.You may recall some of my own thinking that “people are funny.” Well, when working with clients, I have often been stumped by questions on how to deal with the most difficult personality types. So, I’ve engaged Dr. Rappaport to advance my (and your) thinking and capability.

Back to my experience at BAM. So, why do we push at the elevator to get up to our seats on a lovely Sunday matinee? What sparks the snap of our tongue at the intermission concession stand with “we were here first!” coming out of our mouths? And, why did the cab driver explode when asked if he could turn left on 3rd (we didn’t see the sign prohibiting that move!). Just to be clear, these folks were not in our party.

In reflection, I recognize that I was a bit anxious in each of those situations—not just in response, but in anticipation of getting what and where we wanted. But, it was easy to label the reaction of these other quite difficult people as bad. In reaction, we bristled and in some cases snapped back. Now, think about it—a Sunday opera in Brooklyn is a pretty simple experience. Our work anxieties and the pressure with difficult people and complex scenarios are far more challenging.

Join me in the first of the series on interviews with Dr. Rappaport on March 5th at noon EST. We are going to do a deep dive on this whole human dynamic and then some of the most challenging personality types. Your registration will also include a recording of the interview.

What difficult personality types most challenge you?

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