Remember in the Spring of 11th grade, when you could drive, and it was suddenly spring? And, your boyfriend or girlfriend suggested…playing hooky?

I remember driving to the shore in my friend’s old convertible with the 8-track tapedeck playing Bennie and The Jets by Elton John and my hair swirling around my head as we drove along the roads of the New Jersey Pine Barrens. And breathing as if I’d never taken a breath.

Such joy! And some fear, since I was fundamentally a rule-follower and afraid of the my parents’ disappointment in me.

Why is playing hooky so satisfying? Well, as I was playing hooky from my business on a recent Thursday, I realized that…

* Defying the burden of all my responsibilities,
* The secrecy of no one knowing where I was, and
* The wild abandon of a teenager (OK, it probably wouldn’t have looked like wild abandonment to any teen)

…gave me a sense of power and choice which turned into a feeling of renewal.

Of course, we all came back to school and resumed our work. And as a rule-follower, I realized that no one need know and I’d do the work necessary, just not on the expected schedule that day.

So, if you can’t remember when you weren’t either working or entertaining on plan or caring for your friends and family…

…take a day, half-day, hour, or even 15 minutes to play a little hooky. It can’t be something like shopping or reading or walking the dog by yourself. It has to be something secret and fun, rejuvenating! And, you can’t let people know on your BlackBerry or Facebook that you are going to or did play hooky.

Then, notice if you don’t get more work done with a lighter spirit!