Are you watching your young stars? Is there someone who is working hard, challenging the status quo, or maybe just stepping-it-up?

I have become a baseball fan, and the Philadelphia Phillies is my team. The Phillies are guaranteed to have a tough 2015 season. Pitching is weak. Bats are slow. But, a new player has shown up. Odubel Herrera, nicknamed “el torito” (the little bull), is really fun to watch. He has a crazy eye and hits the ball often and hard. We may lose a lot; but, the game is becoming fun to watch with a newcomer to spice up the play.

I remember when I was about 25 and the Compensation Manager for a division of Air Products & Chemicals. I was continuously amazed that the CEO and EVP gave me the green light on new ideas. I asked a senior manager “Why do they let me do these things?” to which he said, “Because you remind them of themselves, and they love to watch you make things happen.”

I have long-time colleagues, younger than me, who are fun to watch. They call on the phone from time-to-time to talk through a career plan or share a success.

I have clients who are fun to watch. They are playing hard and stretching their thinking and action. I am so often humbled now by the accountability and impact of those of you with whom I work. I am watching you and enjoying the play.

Are you on the lookout for the next young stars?

Or, maybe someone is watching you!