Since my return from Hawaii one week ago, Mother Nature has delivered an earthquake tremor and Hurricane Irene. Welcome home from paradise!

Irene dominated our weekend and reminded me of three keys to success:

  1. Be Prepared. Without going crazy, we stocked our shelves, checked battery reserves, hauled in all the chairs and flower pots, and dusted off the battery operated “boom box” for radio when we inevitably would lose power.
    : Ensure information, financial and relationship resources are secured for your remarkable result.
  2. Flow with Your Reality: Waiting for Irene on Saturday, vacuuming the basement at 11:30 p.m. just before losing power, and then tracking tornadoes headed for my son who was with his father, we had to flow with the boredom, annoyance and late-night fear. Thankfully, no tornadoes entered our reality.
    :  Our plans almost always get interrupted by distractions and new requirements. The less time we spend resisting our current reality, the faster we move ahead and the more energy we have at our disposal.
  3. Celebrate Lucky Finds: Saturday afternoon, we looked for an ancient lantern promised to be somewhere in the garage or basement. And, much to our suprise, we found a new propane Coleman lantern with unused mantles and an extra tank of propane. Lucky find! We “high-fived” and grinned from ear-to-ear, wondering whether we were to thank past millennium planning or something else.
    Translation: We never know what luck or success or surprise lies around the next corner as we move toward our goal. Have fun when luck finds you.

How has your own preparation, flow, and luck translated into progress on your remarkable results?