We believe…

  1. That people learn by doing—even if the content is delivered in a group.
  2. Small coaching groups  and 1-1 mentoring help imbed the capability into your teams.
  3. You, as the leader, must endorse and model any key cultural changes you desire.

Why Focus on the First or Second Tiers?

As a natural extension of our work, we often find that senior leaders get focused on developing their next tier or two of leaders. You might have :

  • Elevated your expectations of leaders or of a new critical role.
  • Recognized that your solid to best performers have gotten the least amount of focused attention.
  • Isolated a key skill that is missing on your team.

What Is Our Approach?

Mavis & Company develops and delivers programs that target your specific needs and critical results.  The right content can be:

  • Bundled into programs that deliver your targeted learning for your specific team or employee group,
  • Built into a dynamic learning process, or
  • Blended into your team’s regular meeting plans or as a focused session.

We work most often with a mix of in-person and virtual formats. We have a licensed web-based technology that requires no download of software by any participant.

While large group sessions may be efficient, we do not recommend that you depend on those sessions for real learning and imbedded capability.

Check out the “Frameworks” tab for some of our key learning content.