Every human being has “weaknesses.” We often defend them, guard them, avoid them, and sometimes even cherish them (because we get something from them). But, we don’t often think of weaknesses as:

  1. Vunerabilities: Those aspects of our capability that hold us back, send us back, or generally make problems for us.
  2. Being Rewire-able: Whether already soft- or hard-wired, those vulnerabilities got there somehow–now, how do we get them “out?”

It’s not magic; and it’s not easy; and sometimes they are so wired that one might  think it impossible. But on critical ones even some re-wiring can be helpful. And, if we really want to do something about our wiring (because the current pain or future pleasure is strong enough), we absolutely can.  It takes discipline, attention, and self-observation to start; then stopping in action, breathing, and doing something different repeatedly with commitment and interest.  Sometimes doing anything different will do. Did I say it’s not easy? Right! But, worth the effort.

What vulnerability have you been struggling with or ignoring?

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