Destin Sandlin is a rocket engineer who started an educational video youtube channel called Smarter Everyday.

In this episode, Destin tries out a bicycle built by a welder-friend. The bike operates opposite of the one we all learn to ride. See what happens and what it takes to retrain his brain…and back.

If you cannot see the video, find it through this link.

Destin will tell you his three learnings. What I’ll add is the connection to what  is required in our leadership when we need to “re-wire” how we think and see the world and ourselves:

  1. It is shockingly hard work to make changes that require us to  make a brain-wiring shift. Even when we see the change will benefit our success. Even when we see the logic. We cannot so easily initiate a new set of actions. It’s hard to simply take a new action that is so opposite to how our brain works. Destin relates the bicycle learning as knowledge does not equal understanding. I’ll add the challenge to simply take a new step.
  2. We have to have a strong will to sustain relearning. Self-awareness of our current way and the negative impact is only a beginning. We have to have personal stamina to keep working at the change we desire.
  3. A strong support for our change is required. Engaging others in our development is powerful, yet sometimes not politically or culturally possible. Especially when our performance remains critical and deadlines are tight, we can feel and may be vulnerable if we “rock our bicycle” too much.

But, as in the video, it’s an amazing experience to set the goal and sustain the momentum until in-one-unexpected- moment (as with Destin), we can ride a new bike.