Siena5When you receive this post, I expect to be sitting in a cafe near this plaza in Siena, Italy. I am on vacation and expect to have a wonderful trip and to recharge my battery at the same time. I often experience getting completely out of my world as the best way to unleash creativity and return full of energy for the work I love. How about you?

I started thinking how to recharge in different ways. We all recharge our phones and tablets; wouldn’t leave home without doing that. Why don’t we integrate recharging into our day/week/month/year?

I suspect we do this in very different ways. So, I’ll offer you my examples in three categories. Since I don’t think about recharging as often as I should, I’ll admit that I had to make some of these up or consider what I’m already doing that could be more energizing.

Full Recharging

  • Vacation, preferably time zones and countries away from the U.S. East Coast.
  • A weekend of quiet, reading, fishing, and good conversation.


  • Call a friend and talk about fun things
  • Walk my dog Mollie
  • Be in nature
  • A spa experience, even 30-minute manicures can make me slow down
  • Yoga, on my own especially

While In Use

  • Breathe in quietly
  • Find the humor in a situation or person
  • Enjoy good work with a client
  • Really listen to someone I care about (work or personal life)

So, this week consider re-vamping your personal recharging plan. If you don’t have one, make one up!