Last week I had several conversations with people who are engaged in very important work requiring a difficult decision. I was struck by one commonality in those dialogues. Each person wanted to resolve the question, problem, or idea as a solution–quickly–like now.  More than one decision had huge work/career/life consequences. Of course, the coaching process is intended to help a person explore his or her idea and build some real clarity…so, I didn’t let them move too quickly. But, shortly after discussion of why that? why not this? what do you mean by that? each person drifted back to a likely “answer.” Why don’t we naturally permit ourselves to explore, meander, digest our ideas? Sometimes  real deadlines require a decision by some defined point. But, often we simply act as if time is short. What are  you working on or deciding that would benefit by noodling and allowing some brilliance or solid resolution to occur?