Photo by KaCey97007

OK, I’m going to date myself here.

When I was a girl, all the kids in my neighborhood played marbles. In the summer, we had marble (pinball) boards and played marble games on the pavement. We gambled for marbles, although we didn’t call that; and, we worked to improve our marble collection.

I can distinctly recall lying on my bedroom floor sorting and counting my marbles. There were aggies and cats-eyes, large and small. I organized them and looking them over, I remember the process with a settling feeling. It was a calming, yet stimulating process. Then back into the bag. a jumbled mess of marbles.

It occurs to me that my mind is like that bag of marbles sometimes. Even with great apps like Wunderlist that keeps all my to-dos organized by client and topic, noted by due date, etc.—I still have a rolling list of “stuff” that feels like its rumbling in the marble bag.

So, even with our paper and e-planners, sometimes we need to dump out our marbles (all those tasks and ideas and reminders) so that we can sort by time and urgency and interest. You might be surprised by a marble you forgot was in your bag. You may remember an action that needs to happen this week for another. Or, you may realize why you feel so pressed as you begin this Monday–so many marble in the bag.

Take a minute today and take stock of your marbles. Let me know what you see.