In Mary, I had a true partner focused on my goals, and one who really brought valuable insights to the table that I could put to good use. She was a wonderful sounding board and listener. Mary was instrumental in helping me reach many objectives and get my thinking clear. I have changed because of my association with her.

–Curt Ball, President of
Fundamental Labor Strategies

Working with Mary, I was able to broaden and crystallize my vision. Mary was a great mirror for me, rear-view and into my future. I not only executed my strategy, but I reset the bar and drove exceptional results. It’s rare to meet someone who finds the right question at the right time to help you move the needle. And perhaps even more importantly, it’s rare to find someone who listens, adds to the thinking, and then steps aside to allow me to decide and act.

–Sandra Morgan, Vice President,
National Sales, HCA

Many times in our careers we find ourselves going through challenging and changes times. Luckily during one of these times, I found Mary. She was instrumental in pushing me to work through a review of lifelong experiences, clarification of my leadership style, and a definition of the value which I bring to an organization. Through our discussion and my homework of developing a leadership map and an outcome wheel, Mary was able to give me the tools to chart my next course. Honestly, Mary became a lifelong friend through our work together – to this day, I still reach out to her for her insights, ideas and caring.

–Ina Kamenz, Vice President, Chief Information Officer,
ThermoFisher Scientific

Mary helped guide my thinking and enabled me to understand and articulate my experience and skills so that I successfully executed not only on my current priorities but was able to envision a future of greater possibility. Through her experience, empathy, and ability to draw out the diamonds in my experience to draw upon in my pursuit of success, Mary helped me distill my thinking into a tangible plan of action that I’m using to forge a path toward achieving my goals. Mary has the ability to help people see not only today and tomorrow but what is possible beyond the horizon.

–Julia Portale, Senior Director,
Pfizer Health Solutions, Pfizer Inc.

As an advisor, Mary is incredibly focused on the objectives – not just talk and no consultant “fluff.” Her ideas and insights were spot on, tailored to what was needed and to me as a leader. In a critical project situation, she helped me navigate rough waters, giving me straight feedback, co-developing strategies, and reminding me of my strengths and confidence along the way. Mary helped me change my own thinking.

–Clinical Project Leader,
Major Pharmaceutical Corporation