Toe Art Confidence--Photo by Vinoth Chandar

In part, this post is an effort to share one of my favorite bloggers with you: Chris Brogan. The other part is to encourage you to think about your “personal brand.”  Here’s a snippet of his post entitled: The Real Power of Personal Branding. Follow the link in the subheading to get the full post.

The Last and Biggest Secret by Chris Brogan

Confidence. One word. That’s it. If you can learn to nurture your confidence, you will accomplish FAR more than with any piece of software, nifty logo, or perfect slogan. You will do more through empowering your belief in yourself than through ANY other possible tool or method or strategy.

I believe that everyone can recover from a waning self-confidence. It’s not easy by any stretch, but if you learn (or get help to learn), you can uncover ways to strengthen your confidence, and that power will give you energy and ability and an ability to persist, even when things are not in your favor.

Confidence (not arrogance) is the secret sauce to everything you do with regards to personal branding.

Thanks, Chris. Now, tell me how confidence impacts your personal brand.