cornucopiaIt’s time for Thanksgiving here in the U.S. As I approach the holiday, I realize that I am more focused on problems and frustrations than the blessings in my work and life.

I started thinking of all the obvious blessings like good health, wonderful close family and friends, sufficient financial resources, my fabulous clients, the opportunity to make a difference, etc.

Then, the challenges started to seep back into my thoughts. The challenges of raising my son, the continuous business development, really tough client scenarios to help solve, etc.  A lightbulb went on and I began to see the “blessing” in my challenges. I can really support and help my son, whether he knows it or not—and he’s a good soul. I actually like to talk to clients and prospects about how I can help them succeed. The tough client scenarios require me to think hard and grow, and often make the relationships much more robust.

The challenges don’t go away, but looking for and reminding myself of the blessing loosens some of the natural resistance to longer term challenges.