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Have you ever set your goal or intention, charged ahead, and then suddenly stop at a brick wall that appears in front of you? The wall is big and tough, and you ask,

“Why is this so hard?”

“How is it possible?”

What is this chaos about?”

Frustration, second-guessing, and anxiety move in.

And when you slow down your own insane internal dialogue, you are left with the hardest question: “What do I really want?” This question is not just hard to answer, it is also quite illusive. Now you’re clear, now you’re not.

The process of gaining (and regaining) clarity requires three things:

  1. Your internal reflection time, even if just breathing deeply in the parking lot to your building.
  2. Time and effort to break down all the aspects and alternatives that ground your decision or re-decision.
  3. The desire to create something truly remarkable–at the end of the day, you have to WANT what you say you want..

Notice that the first two require time, probably time you don’t easily have. Time you have to make for yourself. I wish I could disappear that reality, but I haven’t found the secret yet.

My latest experience of the phenomenon of this reappearing question is in my designing and marketing of a new offering Great Creators Membership Program. I created the program with the intent to offer clients a way to extend their learning and results with me, as well as share the experience with others at a considerable discount from a full coaching program. I made the format highly flexible to the busy schedule of high-performing people. The program allows people to join at the time it makes sense for them and progress at their own pace. The content is a significant build on the work I’ve done in the past and is quite exciting to me.

My personalized marketing generated a handful of truly fabulous enrollees. A little embarrassing, but now what? I queried a big handful of clients in order to understand the slow to no response. Some validated that my flexibility to timing was perfect and that they were going to join in a month of two. Some said that they just didn’t have the confidence they could fulfill the expectations, leading me to a new idea (stay tuned!). My webmaster and social media expert talked me off the ledge (thank you Peggy!). And, those conversations sent me back to the business rationale for this offering, which is part short-term, but mostly long-term strategies. As I worked through alternatives, I found myself re-committed and re-energized for just how amazing this program can be for people and as a flagship for my business.

The combination of clarity and feeling of deeply WANTING is life-giving. So, the Great Creators Membership Program is ON! I’ll keep you posted on the progress.

What result has you returning to the hardest question on the planet?