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I have been embroiled in organization and personal change in the past weeks—with my clients and my own work and life. In the worst case, I have clients downsizing upwards of 50% of staff. In the easiest of cases, I am coaching a great team to embrace growth and a new leadership structure. On a personal note, I have actually been working on a plan to downsize from my current home of 18 years.

As I reflected this weekend, one common experience whether the change is considered positive or negative  is—LOSS. Letting go of the past success and failures:

  • Relationships—good and bad.
  • Comfort in knowing what you are doing—where,with whom, and when.
  • The actual environment (my house with my chocolate lab Mollie lounging on the stoop in the backyard—can she downsize?).

As I think about the feeling of the change, I don’t get “crashing waves.” It’s more like gentle rapids that ripple through my brain. But the sinking feeling is real. And the tears shed by clients in open forum are real. And the anxiety of the rolling decisions are real.

And, life moves ahead and we figure it out. You are resilient, and so am I.