Have you found yourself slipping into a “funk” as you watch the news, talk to colleagues, and open your 401K statement? Or, are you feeling a little guilty to have some resources, work, and optimism? Me too, on both counts! The danger right now, especially with the work to be done in every organization and life, is the potential to unconsciously send your Self down what I call “the slippery slope of despair.” It’s easy to do; most of us were well trained by our past to adopt and fuel the prevailing mood around us. There is an odd comfort in commiserating.

Back to the slope–what sends you down the slope? Nothing but your own thoughts…yep, that’s the good and bad news. Each thought powers the last and down you go. Pretty human. So, what can we do? We can use “this economy” (any guesses when we will drop this preface to our speaking?) to practice being intentional every day. Ground yourself in the reality of your situation; no denial or magical thinking here! Then get up each day, speak to yourself and others about what you are committed to creating, and learn to re-start your engine with every disappointment, recharge with each success…and get up and do it again tomorrow. It’s not easy, it’s a practice.

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