This post is for all of you in the rolling pain of chaotic change…or, maybe just an isolated craziness.

Chaotic change is when:
  • You are not in control of the climate and behaviors of your own team,
  • The structure, the rules of engagement, the way to succeed are just not clear at all,
  • Good people go nutty, and the nutty people seem to fit in.

I decided to write this post because in the last few months I can feel the pain in some of my clients. It’s palpable, it’s real.

In response to the pain, much of the focus seems to be some combination of pushing forward on important work and commiserating on the chaotic reality.

I’ve debated back and forth in my mind whether to even suggest “what to do” because when people are in pain, it’s hard to get beyond it.
So,  I’m not saying it’s easy, not at all. But, I’ve been thinking about it.  So here are five ideas for you to create a personal potion. Pick one or two that resonate to up your game this week.

1. Get Above The Battleground 

You have to see the  game that is in play from above the battle. Take a step up and put a lens on what is driving the change, who the players are, and what the pattern of action has been. Shift your lens to look at what your actions have been as well. When you get above the battleground, you can often see the craziness in human “play.”  The opportunity then is to see the play as a reality to embrace ,not resist.

2. Re-Direct Your Emotions

As a leader who recognizes that people matter,  this kind of pain can be particularly tough. It’s a bit like being one of  the surgeons on a MASH unit. You have to save lives and survive while the war is going on around you. This is when finding some humor, having a party, and creating some lightness in general really makes a difference. You might not be able to sport martini glasses or hold a volleyball game in the hallway…but, find some way to redirect any unproductive emotions.

3.Be Careful With Your Trust

You can’t trust key players? Well don’t trust them. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t play with integrity. Be wise about the people who have power and generous in giving the benefit of the doubt. Remember, we often see the worst of everyone in chaotic change. And, no one is consciously trying to make life painful.

4. Take Care Of Yourself

Your healthy body and spirit is important to your ability to manage the stress and maneuver the battle. You know what you should be doing based on you, but here are a some reminders:
  • Get rest, stay rested…you can do it. Sleep deprivation is dangerous to results and health.
  • Eat well with moderation of all the “bad” stuff.
  • Take even 15-30 minutes for a hobby or rejuvenating play or time with your family.
  • Put your shield up; be ready and protective of negative junk.
  • Be kind to yourself (really, I mean it).

5. Stay In The Present

Stop beating yourself up for things you could never make happen or could have been better. They are in the past now. Breathe and step forward.
It’s your life, you’re in the game. How are you going to win? By standing tall in the best of you.