I recently received a wonderful acknowledgement. I was waiting in the lobby of a building and happened to run into someone who had been in one of my programs. We chatted for a few minutes and, as we were saying goodbye, he said “You know I read your Monday Morning piece every week.” I said, I know people read some and not others, and he said he always reads each post. “It makes me think.”

Well, I can’t imagine a more affirming statement. Thank you!

More importantly, consider your opportunity this week to really make someone think more deeply or broadly or about an entirely new aspect to some work. In anticipation of a meeting or conversation or in the moment as the dialog unfolds, you might ask yourself:

  1. What question will generate the best thinking?
  2. What insight can I share that will forward the discussion?
  3. What information can I probe for that will have us all thinking differently or better?

Or, maybe something else.

Jot some notes in the margin of your notepad as you listen to the meeting discourse. Find a good time and get the thinking moving.